Do You Really Need A Plumbing Contractor?

Posted on: 26 September 2022

Folks who are dealing with plumbing problems often wonder if they can handle the issues themselves. If you're trying to figure out whether you need to be calling plumbing contractors or not, you should assess the need based on the following criteria.

Locating the Shutoff Valves

This is one of the most basic requirements for doing DIY plumbing work. Locating the shutoff valves is critical for safety reasons and also to avoid potentially causing unintended damage to your property. You shouldn't draw the line at locating the shutoff valve closest to whichever fixture you're working on. It is also important to turn off the shutoffs in the basement or utility closet where the lines run out to other features. There may also be cases where you have to turn off the main line in the house.

If you're not confident dealing with the shutoff valves, just stop planning to mess with any plumbing needs. Hire a contractor and be sure that they'll do the work competently and safely.

Proximity to the Main Water Line

The closer a job gets to the main water line, the more likely that it's illegal for you to touch it. Damaging anything the water company controls could lead to liability and even penalties. Only a licensed professional should go near these systems, and even they should only do the work after extensive consultation with the utility company.

Complex Systems

DIYers should avoid more complicated systems. For example, a system that requires you to touch electrical wires, gas lines, and water lines presents lots of challenges. Even skilled amateurs should consider avoiding these projects because they risk creating dangerous combinations. The worst scenarios could start fires or electrocute someone.


Disasters can also make plumbing contractors more valuable. If you're looking at damage from flooding in a home's basement, for example, there's plenty to worry about. You will need to shut off any damaged water lines. Likewise, you may need to deal with sewage backups. After all of this, you'll need to get the basic systems back to operating condition. None of this is easy after a disaster, and you can put your energy to better use elsewhere in your house.

Long Periods Without Water On

It is also wise to ask plumbing contractors for help if it has been a long time since the water was on in a building. Flushing the lines professionally is important. If someone messes this up, waterborne illnesses could lurk in unflushed water. Leaving the problem to a pro is the best option.

For more information, reach out to a plumbing service near you.


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