Roof Damage Repairs That Might Be Needed For Reasons Besides Storm Damage

Posted on: 12 August 2022

While storms are a major cause of roof damage, your roof can be harmed by other things too. Common reasons for roof damage include trees that scrape the roof, animals that gnaw around on the roof, and damage from moss roots.

It's important to keep an eye out for all types of damage since it doesn't matter what caused your shingles to fail. When shingles are ripped off or damaged, they can cause a roof leak. Here are some repairs a roofing contractor might need to make for roof damages from things other than a storm.

Replace Shingles And Repair Moisture Damage

Trees that hang down too close to the roof can scrape against shingles and work them loose. The trees can also hold moisture against the shingles or deck and cause moisture damage. Moss is another issue that causes shingles to lift up. Moss will also contribute to problems with moisture damage.

The first step in fixing these problems is to remove the cause. You'll need to call a tree trimmer to trim back your tree branches so they are far away from the roof. A contractor will need to remove moss that's growing on your roof too. This might be done by killing it and waiting for the moss to fall away or be washed away by rain. The problems with trees and moss have to be fixed or they'll damage new roofing materials when they're put on.

A roofer needs to replace missing or damaged shingles and assess the amount of moisture damage on the deck. The wet area of decking might need to be cut out and replaced with a dry deck patch. The roofer can then cover the patch with underlayment and new shingles. Hopefully, with the trees cut back so more sun shines on the roof, you won't have a problem with moss growing back.

Repair Holes In The Roof From Animal Damage

Animals and birds can do a lot of roof damage. A raccoon can tear off loose shingles and make a big hole in your roof since they can gnaw and use their hands to cause damage. A bird might peck a lot of little holes in your roof while looking for insects. If birds hang out on your roof often, their droppings might even damage the shingles due to their acidic nature.

Animals can make holes in the deck as well as the fascia and soffit so they can get in your attic. Your roofing contractor needs to repair the holes by patching them or by cutting out part of the deck and replacing it with new material. If a fascia board has a hole, but the entire board doesn't need to be replaced, the roofer may put a metal patch over the hole to keep the raccoon or rats out.

Animals are sometimes drawn to the same hole by scent, so the roofer may need to take extra steps to make sure the hole is secure or the animals might chew through the repaired area.


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