Call A Roofing Contractor To Repair Squirrel Damage

Posted on: 28 April 2022

Squirrels can be really cute when they are running around your yard with their fluffy little tails, or when they are chittering at birds up in the trees. The problem is that they aren't always that cute. Squirrels can be quite destructive. They are rodents and they have to keep chewing so that their teeth won't overgrow. Squirrels also want to have someplace nice and warm to live in, and sadly for you, that place can be inside your attic. There are various ways that squirrels can get into your house, but one of the ways is that they can climb in through your roof. 

Pull Up Shingles

Squirrels will actually get up on your roof and start to pull up shingles. Any shingles that are loose or are starting to roll up can be fair game to the squirrels. They will pull up those shingles so that they can get to the fascia and under the roofing material. Once the squirrel has access to that material, the squirrels can start chewing holes into the wood under your shingles and then get into your attic or whatever space you have in that area. When the squirrels get into your attic, they can actually start to do a lot more damage by chewing on wires, support structures, fiberglass, or other items. So, what should you do? One thing you need to do is call a couple of professionals. 


The first professional you need to talk to is an exterminator. They will be able to help you get the squirrels out of your house. The exterminator can also help to keep them out by showing you where the squirrels are getting in and out of your attic. Then it will be time to call the next professional. 

Roofing Contractor

After you get rid of the squirrels, you want to make sure that they can't come back, which means that you need a roofing contractor. The contractor will climb up on your roof and find out where the holes or missing shingles are. The contractor will also check out the rest of the roof to make sure that there isn't anywhere else that could cause a problem. In order to repair the area, the contractor will have to clear a larger space around the hole so that the repair will match the rest of the roof. 

If you think that you have squirrels in your attic, you need to make sure that you get them taken care of as soon as possible. 

For more information on roof repair, contact a local roofing company


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