Preparing To Have Your Carpet Removed

Posted on: 2 March 2021

A handyman can help you replace your flooring, whether you want a new carpet or a solid floor. However, the removal process can be hard work. Your handyman will have to remove the tacks holding the carpet down, pull the carpet up from the floor, slice the carpet into smaller chunks, and wrangle it into contained rolls. As such, you'll want to prepare the area in advance to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Here are some steps to take in advance of having the carpet removed.

1. Clear the room

The first step is to clear all furniture, boxes, and other belongings out of the room. You should be able to see every inch of the carpet. If anything is still in the room, it will have to be cleared out after the contractor arrives, which will take time. The more time it takes, the more hours of labor you'll likely be paying for.

2. Vacuum the carpet

Pulling up a carpet is often a dusty business. Dust can settle down through the carpet fibers over the years, out of reach of your vacuum cleaner, and build up there. However, vacuuming just before the carpet is removed can at least avoid any surface dust.

3. Prepare for dust

If you have an open plan home, the room with the carpet may not be self-contained. You may have to deal with dust in the air that could settle in your kitchen, for instance. You'll want to make sure you have no uncovered food or beverages at the time of the appointment, and make sure your clean dishes are put away in the cupboards so you don't have to rewash them.

4. Clear the way out

As the carpet comes up from the floor, your contractor will typically cut it into smaller chunks so it can be more easily removed. However, hauling a carpet out of the room after removal can still be an unwieldy task. So you'll want to check that the path to the nearest exit is clear of anything that could be damaged or trip someone up as they carry carpet chunks out of the house.

5. Investigate recycling possibilities

Often, old carpet is just thrown away. But, depending on what type of carpet you have, your area may have carpet recycling services available. Lookup any recycling possibilities in advance so you know if your old carpet should be headed to the dump or to a recycling facility.

These steps can help you prepare for your carpet removal appointment. Contact a handyman today to learn more about carpet removal and replacement or to schedule a carpet removal appointment.


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