Recommendations For Installing A Drip Irrigation Water System

Posted on: 15 June 2020

The opportunity to plant landscaping and garden plants in your yard brings with it a responsibility to maintain them all throughout the year. And part of this is providing the right amount of water for your landscaping plants without wasting water. However, you can install a drip irrigation system to deliver water directly onto the roots of your plants and reduce evaporation and runoff. The following are some installation tips and recommendations to help you get your yard and its landscaping watered efficiently.

Use a Starter Kit

A great way to start the installation of an irrigation system is to use a kit from your local home and garden center. This will provide you with a backflow preventer, lengths of tubing, and soaker tubes along with different types of emitter ends.

Once you have a supply of various equipment and the tools to set it up, you can build upon the kit with the various types of tubing, emitters, and soaker hoses. You can also hire a landscaping service to install the system and provide you regular management of its water irrigation for your yard.

Recognize Your Water Pressure

It is also important to understand that your home's water pressure may be at a certain pressure, which is essential for the water to reach all your drip irrigation hoses. If you connect an entire large setup of drip irrigation onto your outdoor water faucet, you will notice that the drip irrigation waters well closest to the water faucet but will taper off further into your landscaping. This is because there is too much irrigation tubing attached onto your home's water source and you will need to separate the watering into different watering zones. It also indicates you may not need a pressure reducer on your drip irrigation system. 

Divide up your irrigation system into two or more zones, depending on how much tubing length you have and the size of your watering area. You can connect and disconnect your outdoor water source from each zone with the use of a quick-connect hose attachment. You can also attach a Y-connection port with two or more connections, depending on the number of zones you have. Then, as each watering zone finishes its drip irrigation, you can switch the connection to supply water to each area. You can also install each zone onto an automated timer to water each zone for the required amount of time. 

Contact a drip sprinkler installation contractor for more information.


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