Plumbing For Your Business

Posted on: 2 June 2020

Running a business means making sure the business provides those who work there and those who enter the workplace as customers a secure and safe place. For employees, there needs to be a clean, safe environment and procedures that are followed to make things run smoothly. There also needs to be things like good air quality, good temperature in the work areas, and access to bathroom facilities and wash areas. For customers, there needs to be a safe environment for them to do what they came to do. Also, they will need access to safe and sanitary restroom facilities. Here are things you want to remember in order to offer proper restroom facilities to your staff and customers: 

Make sure the drains are kept clean

One of the things you want to do is to make sure you have a commercial plumber come out each year to clean the drains. It's also a good idea for you to have them inspect all of the plumbing in the building so you can make sure the plumbing isn't going to be giving you problems anytime soon. However, you do need to have the drains cleaned in a business restroom because a lot of things that go down them that can lead to serious blockages. 

Also, the floor drain can be a huge problem if not kept clean and drained. If there is a clog in the floor drain, even a minor one, then the bathroom can smell, mold can develop that can be a health hazard, and the floor can end up flooding, which presents you with both a health risk and a safety risk because someone could easily slip and get hurt. Plus, the dirty water may spread harmful bacteria. 

Make sure the faucets and taps are easy to use

You want to make it so everyone can easily wash their hands. Not only do the taps need to be easy to operate for those who have a hard problem gripping things or turning things, but they also need to make it so the water doesn't come out too fast, or you will end up with a wet and hazardous mess all over the floor. 

Have a toilet that is tall in the handicapped stall

Make sure you have a taller toilet put in the handicapped stall. This is going to significantly decrease the chances of a handicapped person falling while they are trying to get on or off the toilet.

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