Use Staffing Services to Find Experienced Pipefitters to Hire

Posted on: 22 April 2019

Do you need to find pipefitters to fill in open positions that you currently have available? If it has been difficult finding the right experienced individuals to take on the jobs that you need to have completed, you should work with a company that provides pipefitter staffing services. The company could find the perfect matches for the different positions you are offering, making it easier for you to find reliable and experienced professionals who can follow directions and complete various tasks.

Create Job Descriptions

If you are going to use staffing services to find your employees, you should start by creating descriptions for the different jobs that are open. These descriptions will make it possible for the staffing company to find suitable candidates for positions based on their level of education, training, and work experience. The staffing company eliminates a lot of the back and forth with potential candidates by making sure to only provide you with people that are perfect matches.

The description for the pipefitter positions may include assembling pipes of all different sizes, welding pipes together, completing maintenance on pipe systems, and even inspecting pipelines. These are just some of the many tasks you may need the professional pipefitters to complete when they take on the jobs that you have for them.

Be Transparent About Pay and Benefits

Because you want to find great pipefitters quickly, you should make sure to include details about pay and benefits that you are willing to offer to your employees. Being transparent with this information makes it even easier for the staffing agency to connect you with people that have the right experience and are willing to work the job based on what they are required to do and what they will earn. You may want to offer an hourly wage or salary, along with medical benefits, and possibly even a 401k plan. These are some important things for you to consider before you provide the staffing agency with information.

If you need pipefitters to work for you but you have not had much luck finding responsible and skilled professionals to do the work, you should work with a company that provides pipefitter staffing services. A company like UA Local 100 can work to find great matches for the jobs you have available based on the work you need to have completed. When you want to find the best employees without stress, you should let the staffing company assist you.


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