Want to Rent Out Your Condo? Upgrade the Kitchen to Increase Income Potential

Posted on: 22 February 2019

After living in a condo for several years, you may be ready to buy a single-family home. But, you may not want to sell the condo when you like the idea of turning it into a rental. If you have room in your budget to work on a few projects that can lead to greater income potential, you should hire a kitchen remodeling company to work on the space and make it more appealing to renters.


When you walk into the kitchen, one of the first things that you will notice is the countertop. If you want to impress potential tenants who look at the online listing or get a personal tour, you should not hesitate to install a granite or quartz countertop. A huge advantage of getting this kind of countertop is that it is so resilient to damage that it should last through many tenants.

Getting a stone countertop can be somewhat costly, so you may want to look for clearance designs or leftover material from a major project that is enough for your whole kitchen. Since a tenant will not be purchasing the condo or living in it forever, they are more likely to appreciate having such a durable countertop than be focused on their pattern and color preferences.


Another thing worth focusing on is the appliances within the kitchen. While you will certainly need to provide tenants with a kitchen, oven, and stovetop, you should consider installing a dishwasher as well. This feature is often desirable to tenants because they may love to cook but do not like the idea of doing all the dishes by hand. A dishwasher also looks great in the kitchen when you are able to get appliances in the same color such as white, black, or stainless steel.

Garbage Disposal

If you do not have a garbage disposal, you may be familiar with removing all the food particles from the sink to prevent sink blockage. This is something that you may not like doing in the kitchen, so you should try to avoid making your tenants go through the same experience. A simple and reliable solution is to hire a kitchen remodeling company to install a garbage disposal.

When you want to upgrade your condo's kitchen to make it more appealing to renters and more profitable to operate as a rental, you should take on several projects to improve the space.


Explaining Your Vision to Your Contractor

A few years ago, my wife and I decided that it would be fun to remodel our kitchen. After checking out a myriad of websites and carefully developing a plan of attack, we hired a contractor and started looking at counter samples. Unfortunately, we weren't able to adequately show our vision to our contractor, and we didn't end up with the kitchen that we wanted. I want to help other homeowners to know what they need to say and do in order to get what they want out of the construction process. Read through these articles to find out more.

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