Add A Custom Wooden Deck That Can Be Used For Several Outdoor Activities

Posted on: 14 November 2018

You may often wish to spend time outdoors without being bothered by fire ants or other pesky critters that are crawling on the ground. One way to enhance your outdoor space is by having a custom deck installed on your property. 

Choose Some Custom Features

You can always select a standard deck that contains a flat slab of wooden beams and a basic railing, but what if you plan on using your deck for several activities? For instance, a dining area could be set up on corner of the deck, a fire pit on another, and a plant display case on yet another. You aren't tied to one particular deck style, however.

Depending upon the amount of property that you own, you could choose to have a multi-tiered or unique-shaped deck added to your property. If you are the family cook, then maybe you would like to choose a deck that contains ample room for a wood burning stove or your barbecue grill. The best way to go about selecting a new deck is by meeting with a contractor.

Select the Materials That Will Be Used to Construct the Deck

Since wood is the main material used to construct a deck, you will need to decide what type of wood you prefer. Some wood types are softer than others, which could affect the maintenance needed to keep your deck free from scratches and other signs of visible damage. Another thing to choose is if you would like a stain and varnish to be applied to the wooden beams.

Stain and varnish will not only beautify plain wood boards, but they will also protect the deck from the elements. Choose a rich-colored stain that will enhance the knots in each beam and a glossy varnish that will provide the wooden beams with a glassy appearance. 

Make Your Final Plans

If your mind is running rampant with a multitude of activities that you envision you and your family participating in while on the deck, you may want to choose a deck that is angled or that has a couple different walkways leading to it so that you can break up the deck space and place appropriate furnishings or cooking gear in each one.

The deck contractor who you are consulting with will help you choose a design that will not only support the features you desire, but that will also complement your property and your home's exterior. 


Explaining Your Vision to Your Contractor

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