A Few Answers To Your Questions About Foundation Damage

Posted on: 16 September 2016

If your home is unfortunate enough to experience serious foundation problems, it is critical for you to be as informed as possible about this threat. Sadly, it is a common reality that many homeowners are poorly informed when it comes to issues with their home's foundation. By understanding the following few questions and answers, you will find that you have a much more thorough understanding about foundation problems and repairs.

Why Do Doors Get Jammed And Cracks Appear When Foundation Problems Are Present?

Some of the first signs that your home is starting to encounter foundation problems will be having difficulty opening and closing the doors as well as deep cracks along the walls and ceiling. These issues arise because the problem with the foundation can cause the house to shift positions. This shift can put stress on the building materials of the structure. Unfortunately, this type of problem will gradually worsen until the entire house collapses if you fail to have the underlying problem repaired.

How Can Your Damaged Foundation Be Repaired?

While it may seem as though repairing the foundation will be an essentially impossible task to do, you should be aware that there are several repair techniques that the foundation contractor will be able to employ. In instances where the problem is due to the soil being unable to support the weight of the structure, it is possible to insert long metal support beams under the home. These will help to ensure that the weight of the structure is distributed as evenly as possible. If the damage is to the actual concrete of the foundation, it may be necessary to excavate around the house so that fresh concrete can be pour to reinforce the foundation.

Are There Any Ways To Avoid This Risk In The Future?

There can be many causes for problems with your foundation, but there are steps that you can take to help reduce some of the more common threats that can lead to this problem. For example, one of the more common causes of foundation problems will be due to moisture. As moisture seeps into the foundation, it can cause severe cracking to occur. To help prevent this particular type of damage, you will want to ensure that there is adequate drainage around the home. When the drainage around your house is poor, you will want to add gutters or French drains to address this problem. Another step that you can take to help prevent foundation problems is to have your basement waterproofed. This may involve applying waterproof sealants to the walls and floors as well as installing a sump pump. While these upgrades may sound expensive, they can be a wise investment for protecting your home.

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