Enhancing The Security Of Your Storage Shed

Posted on: 11 November 2015

If you plan to store valuable items in your storage shed, there are some additional steps to take to ensure that the shed is as secure as it can possibly be. Below, you will find several tips that will help you choose the best location for your shed and do all that you can to prevent thieves from breaking into it.

Location Choice

You probably don't want your storage shed planted right in the middle of your yard, but you do want it to be somewhere that you can easily see it from your house--yet slightly hidden from the direct view of the road. You want to be able to see the shed, but you don't want those passing by your home to easily be able to see the shed or what you are putting into it.

A great option is to place the shed near a property line in which a trusted neighbor can see it. This way, not only can you catch anyone trying to break into it, but so can your neighbor.

Shed Selection

Spending a little extra to get a quality shed is well worth the expense. If you opt for the cheapest option available, chances are the doors and even the walls can be easily removed after it is built.

Look for a shed that is made of durable materials – think quality wood, metal or plastic. As you choose the material that the shed is made of, you have to remember that the wood will need to be cleaned and treated each year, the metal may rust if not cared for properly and the plastic will lock in moisture and could cause mold issues.

Think about the amount of time that you have to put into caring for the shed and the things that you will store in it before you make any choices.

Enhance Security

The weakest elements of security in a shed are the hinges on the doors. Weak hinges and screws can make breaking into a shed easy for a potential thief. Replace the weak hinges with heavy-duty hinges, and remove the screws and replace them with nuts and bolts that are super-glued in place. This will make it virtually impossible for the thief to remove the hinges.

Talk with a local company such as Alaskan Barns about selecting a shed that will truly be secure for your valuables being stored in them throughout the year.


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