4 Metal Roof Mistakes Than Can Ruin Your Installation

Posted on: 16 April 2015

Most homeowners today would find asphalt shingles on their roof. Only when it comes time to replace the roof's cladding do many realize that there are several different options in choosing the material, shape, style, and even color of the roofing supplies. Though there aren't many homes that have metal roofing yet, a lot of homeowners are discovering the value of this durable, low-maintenance, and highly customizable material. If you decide to install the metal roofing panels on your own, you will likely encounter problems unless you know what precautions to take. Avoid these four mistakes when installing your metal roofing to make sure your roof lasts for as long as it can.

1. Improper panel overlap.

Almost all types of roofing products will cover the decking by overlapping units in a consistent fashion. As you measure how much area each panel will overlap the next, be aware of the two possible pitfalls; too little overlapping area will make the roof susceptible to wind damage and to leaks, but too much overlapping area means you will be purchasing more panels than are necessary for your roof. Consult the product's instructions for the exact overlapping distance and measure it consistently throughout the roof.

2. Over-tightening screws.

Setting the screws too loosely will obviously leave gaps between panels and lead to leaking, but don't over-tighten. Overly tight screws will warp the washers, which bends the metal panels and creates gaps, creating the same problem you were trying to avoid.

3. Leaving flashing unsecured.

Sheet metal flashing is designed to be applied over the areas of the roof that are the most vulnerable to leaks. Thus, the flashing requires extra attention in order to avoid problems later on. Always be sure that you have enough screws and washers to eliminate any gaps between the flashing and the underlayment. Don't resort to applying extra sealant to close the gap; it will need to be stripped off anyway so that the flashing can be properly screwed shut.

4. Not following instructions.

Your metal roofing panels will likely have come with a set of instructions that also detail the product's warranty information. What is not always well understood is that if the instructions are not followed exactly, or if other conditions for preparation and maintenance are not met, the product's warranty will be voided. Metal roofing products often have some of the longest warranty periods of any product you might buy, some lasting for up to 50 years or more.

Metal roofing is certainly underappreciated today, as it can be more durable, longer lasting, and can require less maintenance than much more expensive products. Avoid the mistakes described above and you'll be sure to get the most out of your new roof. For more advice, speak with experts like Classic Remodeling Corporation.


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